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A functional representation of 3g network architecture is shown in figure 1. This document presents the lte network architecture as the first. Myung 2 beyond 3g international mobile telecommunications imt2000 introduced global standard for 3g. An adtran white paper 4glte mobile backhaul reference.

This keeps information about the users phone number, home network identity and security keys etc. It also has a function for limiting the use of an lte terminal to only the lte subscriber based on the type of user terminal and lte subscriber profile. The first of a series of lte webinars hosted by aircom. The evolved packet core communicates with packet data networks in the outside world such as the. Architecture and key features of lteadvanced networks. The architecture is based on an evolution of the existing gsmwcdma core network, with simplified operations and. Eps is divided into two parts lte part which deals with the technology related to a radio access network eutran and epc part which deals with the technology related to a core network. Lte architecture article about lte architecture by the. Lte stands for long term evolution and it was started as a project in 2004 by telecommunication body known as the third generation partnership project 3gpp. From theory to practice provides the reader with a comprehensive systemlevel understanding of lte, built on explanations of.

Pdf system architecture for 3gpp lte modem using a. The evolution of wireless telephone technologies can be discretely. First, the lte network reference model is defined and its basic evolved packet system. But before we jump into the architecture we need to understand what gave rise to the need of lte. Mobile 4g lte lte, lte advanced mobile 1g amps, nmt, tacs richer content video more connections 1 peak data rate for gsmgprs, latest evolved edge has peak dl data rates capable of up to 1. Eps is divided into two parts lte part which deals with the technology related to a radio access network eutran and epc part which deals with the. Network architecture evolution from 4g to 5g netmanias. Using 4g lte for both primary and backup networking helps distributed enterprises enable branch office connectivity and applications like digital signage, kiosks, cctv, popup stores, pointofsale systems, instore wifi, and a variety of transportation applications. This is followed by lectures that cover lte frequency bands, ofdm, ofdma, scfdma and lte signaling.

Security in the lte sae network, user identity confidentiality, authentication data retrieval, network domain security, network domain security architecture, security architecture in ims, authentication data retrieval, ims key hierarchy. Introduction 3gpp longterm evolution lte is the 4th generation radio access technology which incorporates orthogonal frequency division multiple access ofdma as the multipleaccess scheme in downlink. Partnership project 3gpp to work on the longterm evolution lte on the way towards fourthgeneration mobile. The lte network called eps evolved packet system is an endtoend e2e all ip network. Comparision of 3g wireless networks and 4g wireless. Quality communication enables people to more efficiently work, learn. Lte lte advanced for mobile broadband pdf, epub, docx and torrent then this site is not for you. Ltesae architecture and concepts have been designed for efficient support of massmarket usage of any ipbased service. A further goal was the redesign and simplification of the network architecture to an ipbased. Sae system architecture evolution is the corresponding evolution of the gprs3g packet core network evolution. Lte and the evolution to 4g wireless download book. Rapid development of various communication technologies, both fixed and mobile, has caused, first of all, an increased interest in accessing the internet. This paper will concentrate also to describe the main functions of the most important network elements.

Free 4g lte books download ebooks online textbooks. Alcatel lucent are one of the top network solution provider. Several key differences in a lte network enable more flexibility in its architecture than in a 3g. Lte fully abbreviated as longterm evolution is a technology involving firstgeneration 4g cellular networking. Access network eutran and long term evolution lte are used interchangeably in the sa working groups the term system architecture evolution sae was used to signify the broad framework for the architecture for some time the term ltesae was used to describe the new evolved system, but now this has become known as the evolved.

Course contents historical vision lte capabilities system architecture 3. While ltefdd uses paired frequencies to upload and download data, ltetdd. The report then delivers a detailed analysis of the technology options available to enable network operators to make the transition to flat ip networks. From 3g to lte analyzes data from network operators and technology suppliers to determine how continued growth of data traffic volumes will affect mobile network performance. Release 8 and release 9 architecture, access technique and frame structure, physical layer lte advanced. This book is about the worlds dominant 4g mobile telecommunication system, lte. Restrained by the long term evolution lte limited network capacity, wifi technology is considered as one of the promising solutions to leverage the traffic load and. Audience this tutorial has been designed for audiences with a need to understand the lte technology basics in very simple terms. The initial focus is on the applicability of the proposed architecture to lte and its evolution. Systems beyond imt2000 imtadvanced is set to introduce evolutionary path beyond 3g. Barth all rightsreserved2006, alcatel 25 system architecture evolution objectives new core network architecture to support the highthroughput lowlatency lte access system simplified network architecture all ip network all services are via ps domain only, no cs domain.

Lte presentation ppt free download as powerpoint presentation. Executive summary this paper provides a comprehensive overview of the network architecture of a long term evolution lte system according to the release 8 version of the specifications. Introducing lte advanced pdf 36p 4g wireless systems lte technology pdf slides 82p the evolution to 4g cellular systems lte advanced pdf 28p lte the future of mobile broadband technology pdf 19p summary introduction to wireless lte 4g architecture and key business implications pdf 78p antenna design considerations for lte mobile. After knowing the overall system architecture one can start going into details of system nodes. The lectures also cover channel mapping and ue categories. In telecommunications, longterm evolution lte is a standard for wireless broadband. T his pub lic atio n is av ailab le free of c harg e from. The 5g architecture working group as part of the 5g ppp initiative is. The term lte is typically used to represent both lte and sae. Long term evolution lte is a 4g wireless broadband technology developed. Lte network architecture internet hss pgw s6a s5 s11 sgw evolved packet core epc sgw mme s1mme s1u evolved universal terrestrial radio access network eutran x2 x2 enb enb enb lteuu enb enhanced node b mme mobility management entity sgw serving gateway pgw packet data network gateway hss home subscriber systemirfan. In this network, the base terminal station btsnodebs aggregate the radio access network ran traffic and transport it over a mobile.

Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. Lte architecture and lte attach linkedin slideshare. It based on the original 3g technologies having the ability to reach the speed up to 100 mbits with a muchreduced latency. System architecture evolution national chengchi university. Physicalcommunication32010217244 219 table 1 lte,lteadvanced,andimtadvancedperformancetargetsfordownlinkdlanduplinkul. Mobile class targets 100 mbps with high mobility and nomadic local area class targets 1 gbpswith low. Speed test of 4g network oncampus speed test of wifi on campus ping speed test see appendix 1 for definition data download upload speed students location when using device. This document presents the lte network architecture as the first technical document of lte area.

The downlink receiver chain of an lte modem is depicted in fig. Lte and umb and then look into the details system architecture evolution the. This paper presents the system architecture of an lte modem based on a programmable. The huge role of the internet in todays world of information exchange is undeniable. The evolved umts terrestrial radio access network e. The lte poster from alcatel lucent provides some details about bearer architecture, lte security system, internetworking of lte with other 3gpp umts and gsm and non3gpp systems. The highlevel network architecture of lte is comprised of following three main components. What a converged mobile internet protocol would look like mobility was added to ip after the fact due to historical reasons, but single unified solution remains feasible previous attempts at convergence such as mobile ip proved to be insufficient 5g is an opportunity for the industry to address this need with a single unified protocol stack for all. Dummies book for your business or organization, please contact our business development. Typical mobile network architecture with mobile backhaul network portion highlighted. Lte evolved from an earlier 3gpp system known as the universal mobile telecommunication system umts, which in turn evolved from the global system for mobile communications gsm. The main goal of lte is to provide a high data rate, low latency and packet optimized radioaccess technology supporting flexible bandwidth deployments.

Lte architecture and interfaces linkedin slideshare. Lte architecture the infrastructure of an lte cellular network comprises the eutraeutran air interface and the evolved packet core epc, which includes the gateways, mobility. System architecture for 3gpp lte modem using a programmable baseband processor. The best way to learn a new technology is to look the overall architecture first, like the end to end communication interfaces, protocols involved, radio interface technology involved, etc. Mec architectural implications for lteltea networks. Lte users and passes that information to the mme at the time of location registration. Lte and the evolution to 4g wireless by agilent technology file type.

The design challenge to create a network architecture capable of. Lte architecture basics 4g introduction this is the first part of the series ltearchitecture. This first presentation explores the nodes that make up an lte network and the functions of each. Lte network architecture webinar aircom international.

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