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Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Learn how to beat every style of player you will ever face. Tennis doubles strategy foundation for tennis doubles. The general goal from the baseline is not to win the. Tennis doubles strategy, returning serve, tennis strategy. Poaching serve is an important strategy in doubles tennis play. The classic guide to the mental side of peak performa. Pro tennis player and coach, joseph correa, teaches you the most important singles and doubles tennis strategies and tactics around to help you maximize your potential. Press the button start search and wait a little while. In fact, much of this material is based on pats book, and pete collins ptr instructors guide, successful doubles. Grab this free 43 page doubles strategy e book so you can play boldly and confidently after learning. Our program has become one of the top programs in our local area and the mid atlantic section. Helle sparre dynamite doubles pickleballdynamite doubles. Five mental toughness phrases to help tennis players.

Cuomo is opening up tennis in new york, at least the outdoor game, as of friday. Martina believes the biggest myth in tennis is to cock your wrist on your. Grab this free 43 page doubles strategy ebook so you can play boldly and confidently after learning. Secondly, with two people you really do not have to move as much as you do in singles. Winning tennis strategies for an entire book on mental toughness, check out dr. Incorrect book the list contains an incorrect book please specify the. This primer on doubles aims to help beginning tennis players be of the first category, to be play makers. I thought i was ordering the doubles strategy but instead got his singles book. Singles and doubles tennis strategies audiobook by.

So says pat blaskower in her excellent book, the art of doubles. Winning doubles strategy for recreational tennis players. April 14, 2020 check out the latest doubles strategy updates from play better tennis with free tennis lessons, tennis videos, pro tennis player analysis, and more. Tennis doubles tactics involve the strategy used by a single team, the shot selection, court awareness and placements of strokes. Outdoor tennis to be allowed beginning friday, but no doubles. In doubles, the best place for each player to be located is at the net prepared to volley andor hit an overhead smash. Winning tennis strategies and drills, pat blaskower. The boundaries are extended from side to side to the doubles sidelines. Though strategy is important in singles, it is even more important in doubles. Doubles strategy archives free tennis lessons from. Small enough to keep in your tennis bag, the quick reference index allows you to look up which style of opponent you are playing and easily find 6 or more tactics that are proven to work against that.

As a player, twenty years a collegiate coach, and a tennis instructor, i have spent my life learning and relearning the game of tennis. On court tennis strategy book from capestany tennis, inc. Essential tennis lessons and instruction for passionate players 155,276 views 7. Explore free books, like the victory garden, and more browse now. You get to play with a teammate which means you have someone to talk to. Most tennis books tell you how to play a better game and win. Martina believes the biggest myth in tennis is to cock your wrist on your volleys because it causes them to sit up instead of skid. When should you try to win the point from the baseline. Tennis can be social or competitive, and there are different strategies for both, but its pretty well known the best way to play when you go out for mixed doubles. For over a decade their coaches have been publishing video, audio, and written instruction helping millions of. Tennis server wild cards a primer on doubles tactics. When playing doubles, there are a few strategies to keep in mind when returning serves and they are described below, however the main thing to remember in doubles play is this. The additional width of the alleys on the doubles court has a great effect on the angles possible in doubles play. Fundamentals of doubles tennis tactics and strategy.

Read some of my favorite lessons previously published in my email newsletter. Consequently, doubles is known as a game of angles. The role of the servers partner the role of the servers partner is of immense importance. When creating a tennis doubles strategy for your team, there is a lot to consider. Stan smith, a highly respected pro player and the coach of the mens u.

When ball passes net player successfully you track up and when it passes you, track back, always stopping when the ball bounces on each side. Doubles strategy questions answers what are the two basic strategy principles. Ive seen this little onetwo punch win more tennis sets than all other bright ideas combined. To receive future strategy and technique newsletters. About me book contact photos tennis lessons testimonials videos tennis serve and volley in doubles tennis approach shot top 10 lies that tennis pros tell tennis forehand tennis backhand forehand volley tennis lob tennis serves 3 types tennis intangibles tennis overhead tennis singles strategy tennis doubles strategy tennis doubles. When it comes to tennis doubles, strategy and communication are key. I see this all too frequently among recreational players. Open by andre agassi, rafa by rafael nadal, the inner game of tennis. The most effective strategy to mess with your opponents. Based on helle sparres groundbreaking dynamite doubles program, dynamite doubles for pickleball will forever change how. Dynamite doubles for pickleball is the remarkable online course that will transform your pickleball doubles game like nothing youve ever experienced. Rarely only when there is a clear gap that a high percentage shot can win. Core play 1 one up one back both sidesrally ball both net players track up and back with angle of ball.

Bucky tennis in pittsburgh intro bucky tennis in pittsburgh. May 08, 2019 how to watch the ball in doubles tennis doubles strategy lesson duration. In tennis, doubles is a very different and more complex game than singles. This is an ebook in adobe pdf format that you can immediately download to your computer. When to poach effectively so you can disrupt your opponents play and make them doubt their shots. Books on tennis 156 books meet your next favorite book. Here are tips on how to develop a partnership that takes you to match point. How to watch the ball in doubles tennis doubles strategy lesson duration. Strokes, strategy, traditions, players, psychology, and wisdom by. May 09, 2017 essential tennis is worldwide leader in digital tennis improvement resources. You cannot expect to play winning doubles when one of the team members is constantly staying back at the baseline. It is truly an encyclopedia of tennis strategies and tactics for every level of play, whether you are a beginner or an expert tennis player actually as you will discover expert players base most of their game on very simple tactics that are suitable even for beginners. Whether youre trying to improve your doubles game or are just getting started playing tennis with a partner, the art of doubles is the book for you.

Pat says further there are essentially three kinds of doubles teams. Now, doubles is a great game, but its really very different from singles. They should take the responsibility for the servers holding serve personally. Consistency, patience, shot tolerance, grinding, and suffering. As fantasy warfare, doubles is a game about strategy. Just what this means to long islands tennis community will need to be sorted out over the next. Using angles opens up the court, often giving your opponent the choice to hit the ball back at an even wider angle or down the alley.

More thoughts on doubles strategy and the doubles game. Whether youre a singles or doubles player, a college tennis athlete or 4. In every match, tennis doubles tactics plays a huge role in the overall success of a team. Strategy is a systematic approach to winning by getting the upper hand. Details of winning doubles strategy for recreational tennis players original title winning doubles strategy for recreational tennis players edition format kindle edition number of pages 94 pages book language english ebook format pdf, epub. Essential tennis is worldwide leader in digital tennis improvement resources. Tennis doubles strategy by tennisinpittsburgh the game of doubles is infinitely different from singles.

Sooner or later, the doubles player must get to the net. This simple strategy wins more sets than all other bright ideas combined. Tennis server turbo tennis the ten commandments of doubles. Mar 09, 2015 tennis doubles tactics involve the strategy used by a single team, the shot selection, court awareness and placements of strokes. A wise and well thought out series of doubles tennis tactics must be executed if a team wishes to progress to a higher level. In this excerpt for his book, game, set and match, noted tennis journalist mark hodgkinson outlines the bryan brothers principles of doubles that have made them the most successful team in tennis history, based on his exclusive interviews with bob and mike. Offers proven techniques and strategies, oncourt drills and chec. Positioning, staggering and who covers what shot in doubles by. Martina built her entire strategy around keeping the ball low, allowing her to win 177 wta titles, including 31 grand slam doubles titles, and 10 grand slam mixed doubles titles over 32 years. Winning singles strategy for recreational tennis players. Tennis singles strategy tactics and positioning youtube.

Most of the singles tennis rules and guidelines are applicable in doubles tennis, but there a few exceptions. Helping you launch into your spring season, the weekend includes 10 hours of tennis instruction and play, welcome reception, pro doubles exhibition, goody bag upon arrival and accommodations for 2 nights at omni amelia island resort. Strategy is about compromising to get the most out of every situation, every shot we hit, and every one of our meager abilities, real or imagined. How to beat better tennis players most of the time.

When playing doubles, there are a few strategies to keep in mind when returning serves and they are described below, however the. A good poacher puts tremendous pressure and disrupts the return of serve from your opponents. Tennis doubles strategy bucky tennis in pittsburgh. Positioning, staggering and who covers what shot in doubles. Craig is the strategy analyst for team djokovic, wimbledon, the atp tour, and more. Mixed doubles strategy sandy eggers when you watch more experienced tennis players, it sometimes looks like they are hitting the ball as hard as they can, and you might think that is the right way for you to play also. Strokes, strategy, and psychology for a lifetime pat blaskowers the art of doubles. Tennis is chivalrys brainchildssingles, fantasy single combat. Olympic team in 2000, teaches every aspect of highlevel doubles strategy, from. This quickfix book gives you the tactics and mental philosophy to beat any style player, singles or doubles. Two of the biggest issues with being an effective servers partner are 1 positioning and 2 eye discipline. Cuomo gives ok for outdoor tennis starting on friday, but no doubles a black tennis racket and yellow tennis ball laying on the ground at a tennis court in early morning light. However, after reading just a few chapters was glad i made a mistake. Tennis doubles strategy, doubles help, doubles tactics.

Author pat blaskower is your personal coach, guiding and encouraging you and your partner to play winning tennis by showing you how to. From 1985 to 1999 she coached league teams in marin county and was the head tennis professional at the mill valley tennis club. Craigs tennis strategy has changed the way i develop players and teams. Doubles tennis strategy the role of the servers partner. How to always be in the right place at the right time by using horizontal and vertical shading. Learn from the best with this great tennis strategy book that will get you winning more matches and thinking better on and off the court.

The tips are pointed, cut right to the chase, are in laymans terms and summarized into powerful bullet point sections for instant access. Books on tennis tennis themed fiction, player biographies and instruction books. The court is bigger, there are more players on the court, you typically spend more time at the net, and points are generally shorter. Doubles tennis strategy 101 giammalva racquet club. The strategy booklet is designed to be your oncourt coach while you play a match. The tennis strategy encyclopedia ebook from beginner to. In the eighth game of a set you lead 4gamesto3, apply pressure on the huge points to win the game. Jul 05, 2007 pat blaskower was ranked number one in the nation in womens 35 doubles, number one in northern california in womens open doubles, womens 35 doubles and womens 40 doubles. Players that train in my programs are winning more after just one year, which is helping them being be recruited to college programs. Doubles boot camp is designed for players of all levels that regularly play doubles and are looking to improve. This book explains how to play a smarter game and make your opponent lose p. The teachings of numerous other professionals, tennis colleagues and personal experience have influenced it as well, but i certainly would be remiss not to cite my tennis colleague, coach al laverson. Positioning, staggering and who covers what shot in. Find out more about playing great doubles in our guide to doubles tactics want to be as good as federer, nadal, murray and blake get.

Maybe ill write another book about doubles some time. When playing doubles it is important to understand when to hit an angle and when to stay away from angles entirely. The game of doubles is infinitely different from singles. Learn from the best with this great tennis strategy book that will get you winning more matches and thinking better on and. Below are common strategies you can use in your tennis match for different situations.

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